Building Philosophy

Completion of a successful project requires detailed attention to much more than just the project schedule. Below is a listing of key areas of responsibility an effective contractor must manage, and the Tré Builders approach to each.

Achieve an Understanding of Ownerships' Project Goals & Vision
Tré Builders’ involvement in your project begins long before the commencement of the first construction activity. It is our belief that in order to successfully manage a project it is important to cultivate a clear understanding of the specific goals of ownership. Whether financing dictates that the project must absolutely be completed within budget, there is a desire to create a “category killer”, achieve specific diversity participation goals, or be occupied by a mandated date, understanding these desires allow for properly targeted project planning, guidance of decisions, and subcontractor selections.

Establishment of Project Target Budget
Developing a budget based upon conceptual design information, through the use of cost histories from similar projects, allows ownership to confirm preliminary budget assumptions prior to expending design fees on documents that don’t comply with the project budget.

Budget Confirmation Throughout Design Development & Construction Documents
At specific milestones throughout the design process, the documents are reviewed to confirm that the design is still compliant with agreed upon budget parameters. By periodically monitoring budgets during design, costly and time consuming redesign can be avoided when bid results exceed project budgets.

Proactive Solutions for Unforeseen Budget Challenges
If solicited bid results are received that exceed the anticipated budget for a specific scope or area, options for recovery are prepared and presented to ownership to provide a roadmap back to the budget. By presenting a number of options, solutions ranging from scaling back the level of finishes, adjusting the project schedule, or reducing the square footage of the affected area can all be considered.

Project Planning - Including Integration of “Not In Contract” Responsibilities
Early development of project schedules and procurement logs are critical for effectively managing projects. By concisely conveying our expectations to subcontractors prior to the bid process, the quality of received bids are better and there are fewer latent surprises during construction. Including activities and time in the project schedule for work managed by parties other than the contractor helps to ensure that all activities will be properly coordinated and finished by the targeted completion date.

Management of Construction – Including Integration of “Not In Contract” Responsibilities
Successful projects are driven by strong leadership and clear direction to all participants. Tré Builders’ goal is to clearly communicate how and when scheduled activities are to occur, in order to most effectively guarantee that the coordination required for adherence to the project schedule is attained. Talented people are empowered to make decisions and encouraged to solve problems through open communication, rather than merely documenting the problem and awaiting a solution by others. We take responsibility for the coordination of every phase of a project, and do not operate by finger pointing or blaming others during challenging times.

Active Budget Management Throughout Construction
Maintaining accurately updated budgets (by regularly communicating with subcontractors) throughout a project is a critical step to avoid costly surprises as a project nears completion. Identifying unanticipated costs as early as possible affords the management team more options to mitigate any potential impacts.

Coordination of Project Completion within Constraints of FF&E, OS&E, and Operational Needs
As a project nears completion, assisting in the coordination and planning of furniture and equipment installation is of the utmost importance. Assuring that areas are ready, required inspections are completed, and logistical accommodations have been considered, help to guarantee that these installations can occur in a timely economical manner. Also, by completing portions of a building prior to final completion, important operational groups like Engineering, Human Resources, or Information Technologies can begin activities required in advance of final occupancy.

Prompt Project Financial Closeout, Staff Training, and Turnover of Record Documents
Once a project has been completed, we make it a priority to quickly resolve all subcontractor change orders and confirm final pricing to ownership while also providing comprehensive training and closeout documents. This allows operation of the new building to transition seemlessly from construction over to the new occupants.