LAS VEGAS (FOX 5) — An old Henderson casino will be made new again in the next few weeks.​

In March 2020, the Eldorado Casino in downtown Henderson closed down for good. In April, it will reopen as The Pass.

“Downtown Water District has come a long way and it’s a destination for a lot of people,” said buyer Joseph DeSimone.

DeSimone bought the property late 2020 and brings years of gaming experience as its new owner

“We’re going to build upon the success we’ve had at Railroad Pass,” DeSimone said. “We have a unique relationship with the customers.”

The Eldorado opened in 1962. It has a rich history as one of the first casinos to hire female dealers. It was also one of the first to market to Vegas locals.

With live gaming, a new sports book and multiple restaurants, DeSimone said the casino will help revitalize the district.

“If people go out three times a week, local people, we want them to come here twice,” DeSimone said. “If they go out two times a week, we want them both times.”

Desimone said his priority is maintaining the history of the casino, while building its own legacy.

“For me, this is an essential asset for myself, my family, my team members, my customers, those people who have gained trust in me over the years,” DeSimone said. “It’s so important for us to really make it an essential property for us, make it part of the fabric of the community like it was and has been for a long time.”

The Pass is set to open April 1 pending Nevada Game and Commission approval.